My name is David Corominas Montes and this is roughly my professional history:

2018 - now

Currently working as a Unity developer at Abylight Studios.

2009 - 2018

Was employed as a teacher and videogame developer at FXAnimation Barcelona 3D School, where I tutorized all the students’ videogame projects and programmed them using mainly the Unity engine. Developed a plugin that brings all needed functionalities to 3rd-person shooter/melee game projects, like player interaction, AI, camera behaviour, level interaction, etc. I also developed some shaders and tools that helped the students enhance the quality of their projects.

Also did research on how to effectively make VR cinematics using Unreal Engine, including gaze triggered sequences, realistic looking characters, etc. and gathered a bunch of theory about the subject, ultimately implementing all that in a short, high quality VR experience.

2015 - 2017

Been consultor and Unity programmer in Born3D, a 3D mobile app (iOS and Android) for archeological visualization of Barcelona’s Born old town, using a scanned 3D model, schematic town model, pseudo-AR interface, Google Maps style touch interface…

Ported the archeological site section to WebGL afterwards.


Was involved in a couple of architectural visualization projects using Unity and Oculus Rift DK2 for EmotionExperience.


Worked at EVENTLab, led by Mel Slater, where I helped to implement and execute a VR experiment with which we were able to measure presence in a virtual environment. A paper resulted from that and was published at SIGGRAPH. We used an optical MoCap system, an HMD and more.


Worked at T-Systems CRV Barcelona, a team of experts in interactive VR projects for commercial purposes, using technologies such as CAVE, Powerwall and AR. There I worked creating 3D assets, extending their engine scripting features, etc.

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